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Taking its cue from the movements of the past, Aviri embarks on a journey to steward the House of Meaning from authority to process. The effort is three-fold: develop and house the various models needed for House 4; evangelize and share the models with individuals, organizations and cities; work with collaborators from all the houses so the melodies of the Human Fugue make beautiful music. 
Founding Stewards
Bijoy Goswami has been exploring the House of Meaning one room at a time. His first model, MRE (2005) described the core energy line in people and organizations. The Bootstrap Model defied the parallel method in House 3, which also generates new business models. The ATX Equation Model (with Heather McKissick) illustrated Austin's unique "be yourself" meaning and the House 4 infrastructure of cities. The JOurneY Model charts the steps of evolving a being's meaning models and Human Fugue contextualizes meaning within the broader societal context. 
Danny Gutknecht has been exploring the work line of meaning and how individuals and organizations come together in shared meaning. The Essence Mining Model outlines a process for interrogating meaning models of individuals and organizations to express their unique meaning languages. 
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