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Cities not only have unique meaning, but also serve as meaning containers for their inhabitants. 
Burning Man is an example of a city, dedicated entirely to meaning. In this, it is a harbinger of the role that other cities can play in House 4. The founders of Burning Man have reduced or eliminated entirely, the influence of Houses 1-3. The infrastructure is temporary, the rules minimal and money is not used once attendees arrive. Instead, they participate in a "gift-economy" providing for others without an expectation of return. This is the essential exchange mechanism of the House 4.  With its many theme camps and dedicated zones it exemplifies the "Experience + Community = Scene" equation described in the ATX Equation
Austin seeks to integrate meaning into the fugue of the city, without reducing or dampening the other houses. It has a vibrant House 1, with the University of Texas campus. As the capital of Texas, it houses the Capitol Building and the legislators who convene there. Local government is also very active. As a vibrant hub of entrepreneurship, it fosters House 3 through a vibrant entrepreneur scene . And it stands as a founding practitioner of House 4, as a place where individuals can steward their meaning through the wide range of experiences, communities and scenes. Austinites are invited, not only to partake in the many offerings of the city, but to also become contributors, bringing their unique passions and interests. Just as Philadelphia was they city of House 2, Austin is the founding city of House 4. 
Every city must go on its own meaning journey and stand up unique experiences, communities and scenes. In this, every inhabitant is a potential steward of the city's meaning. Additionally, a city's entrepreneur scene must support a diverse set of paths, particularly bootstrapping and also integrate with the unique topic-based scenes specific to the city. 
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