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Austin artist Nick Schnitzer's extraordinary 2016 Gold and Shadow Series is a meditation on Carl Jung, H4's founding steward. Participants were given a double-sided disc with gold/black reflective surfaces as a memento of their experience and a reminder of the work ahead. Bijoy took one for his Bijoying Altar and a few for Danny and other friends.  


In conversation with Danny, Bijoy named these special H4 objects: mirrense - a portmanteau of "mirror" and "lense." In preparation for the first corporate "Welcome HOME" session in 2018, the idea of giving participants mirrenses to signify the individual and organizational H4 process emerged. Nick had 12 left from his original run, so these had to be given to select participants. 

Now the mirrense discs are a welcoming to the HOuse of MEaning and given to all participants. Additionally, handheld mirrenses are given to the H4 steward of the organization to signify its unique journey. They're also gifted to individuals who are on their H4 journey. Hand Mirrenses are gifted to H4 Stewards and stewards of organizations and cities.


Mirrense, mirrense on the wall,

Mirrense, mirreense in my hand...


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