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MRE Guided Experience

A 3 week experience with an MRE Guide to help you master the MRE Model and apply it on your journey. Includes 3 1-hr sessions with homework you'll enjoy! 
1. Learn the model (week 1)
The 3 core energies are manifested in people and the world. Learn what they are and how to spot them around you, developing a new superpower.  
2. Locate your core energy (week 2)
Unpack your core energy and gain a deep understanding of yourself, what drives you and how you express that energy in the world. 
3. Apply MRE (week 3)​
Align yourself in your work, relationships and discover how to complete your MRE Equation.
To get started, visit the MRE Course Page to signup or get in touch with a guide: Steve Golab, Marylee Rudisill, Boyd Stephens and Work at Meaning by Pathways. 
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