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Your Journey


These resources help you steward meaning. 

Learn the JOurneY Model and apply it to your personal journey. The JOurneY Experience is 3 weeks with weekly online content (4-6hrs) followed by an in-person session (3hrs).

MRE Model

JOurneY approach to understanding yourself and others. The Human Fabric (2004) describes the 3 energies: maven, relater and evangelist. The MRE 6-Day Challenge helps you discover your core energy and steward it to its unique expression. 

Bootstrap: JOurneY Entrepreneurship

Express your meaning in the world and steward the meaning of your venture. Bootstrap Austin convenes a monthly conversation.

Org, Community and City Stewardship

Steward the meaning of organizations, communities and cities. Austin Equation is a project to steward Austin (the Be Yourself City) on its journey .

A process to describe an organization's meaning through uncovering its themes and mantras, by Danny Gutknecht

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